Disasters cannot be predicted but can have devastating effects on a business. Therefore it is important to prepare for the worst by implementing a disaster recovery solution.
Cman Hub's disaster recovery solutions can be implemented to achieve recovery from hardware failure, application failures , natural disasters hence reducing on the downtime that might end up costing the company a lot of money.
Cman Hub offers reliable and cost effective disaster recovery solutions to secure your network, encompassing your mainframes, servers and PCs and also network storage devices.
Cman Hub's disaster recovery solutions  are meant to ensure business continuity for our clients in case disaster strikes hence not only saving the costs associated with downtime but also preserving the brand of our clients.
Our solutions range from personal to enterprise disaster recovery solutions covering a wide range of infrastructures i.e.

  • Desktop and Laptop backup
  • Server backup
  • Remote and branch office backup
  • File synchronization
  • Mobile access to your files
  • Saas Data Protection

Features that come with our solutions include;

  • Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Administrative tools
  • World Class data Management
  • Data restores and File Access
  • Military grade security
  • 2xProtect local backup
  • And so many other features