cman hub

Skype for Business commonly known as Lync Server.

Cman Hub offers you a real time secure communications server software that provides infrastructure for enterprise instant messaging, presence, VoIP, ad hoc and structured conferences i.e. video ,audio and web conferencingWith this server software, clients are able to enjoy the following features;
cman hub Instant messaging & presence
cman hub Peer-to-peer VoIP and video
cman hub Audio, video and web conferencing
cman hub Enterprise Voice and PSTN connectivity
cman hub Connectivity to others through the Skype network
cman hub Client and server developer platform.
cman hub Clients will be available on AndroidTM, iOS, Mac, Windows, and web browsers .

Enterprises are in position to have ultimate control of all there communication needs and also utilize the rich interoperability features that come with the application.

cman hub

SharePoint Server

Cman Hub further offers you a Microsoft platform that makes document management, content management and storage easy. Its a valuable tool for document management and its collaboration make it a perfect choice for organizations that need an internal platform where employees can share, edit, organize, store and collaborate with documents.

Benefits of using Shareprint Sever;

cman hub Document management and search features
cman hub Improved systems integration
cman hub More team collaboration
cman hub Improved productivity
cman hub Content control

Exchange Server

Cman Hub offers you a Microsoft mail and calendaring server software that enables organizations to centrally manage, distribute and store company emails in a very secure enviroment.

Organizations that use Microsoft exchange server enjoy the following features:

cman hub Securely send and receive company emails internally or remotely - via the Web or on a mobile device.
cman hub View colleagues’ up-to-date calendars and schedule meetings.
cman hub Assign and manage company tasks on central ‘to do’ lists.
cman hub Manage contact information of employees and customers and access it anytime.
cman hub Share documents across the team so everyone’s working from the most current version.
cman hub And so many other features.

Microsoft SQL Database Server

Cman Hub offers you a Microsoft relational database that is used to store and retrieve data, used in business intelligence and also used in various analytics applications in various industries. With the latest versions, users can now enjoy real-time operational analytics, data-visualization, reporting on mobile devices and hybrid cloud support